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Our story

In 2015 Jordan and Shane opened The Courtyard Juices and Fitness Center with a clear objective to offer a relaxing, healthy, non-judgemental space for all people to enjoy and share in our offerings.

We started small with just a couple of instructors and a few smoothies and quickly grew both with the juice bar and our class offerings. Our open-air studio is a beautiful space in downtown Christiansted Overlooking the unique architecture of town with the relaxing sounds of wind chimes in the cool Caribbean breezes and water cascading through our fountain.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a genuine and sustainable yoga/workout practice that will continue to evolve the physical and emotional health of our students. At The Courtyard, we strive to provide a safe inviting environment where students can develop regular and realistic practice. We are proud of the individual attention that our students receive. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and are always willing to take that extra step to ensure that no student feels left behind.

We strongly believe it take a village to nourish and grow but that it begins with the individual. Yoga (and all our classes) is an extremely personal practice period, we encourage our students to let go of judgement and competition so that they can focus on their own transformation. We’ve created a community that rocks! The Courtyard is a place where you can find solitude to heal on your mat but at the same receive support, encouragement and motivation from our community to help you ascend to heights you didn’t realize were possible.

A cute green oasis in the middle of touristy Christiansted. Also an open-air yoga studio, spa, and shop. Must visit!!!

A great oasis of trees! This place offers made-to-order smoothies, fresh juices and also has some treats for sale. The setting with chairs and sofa is super cute in a typical caribbean style. The premises hosts the pamper VI spa and they also sell yoga merchandise. There is an open air yoga studio right above the juice shop that I highly recommend. Esp the yin restorative class is a bliss after a day in sun and sand. I was bummed that I did not get to stay in town to attend their aerial yoga classes & try some more juice options. Don't miss out on this hidden gem!!!!

Sona G.